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White Privilege and Wheel of Oppression is a Hoax

EAGLE ED USA mission statement: STOP the Compromise

All Evil begins with a Compromise.


Our goal is to educate leaders  to be knowledgeable in White Privilege and the Wheel of Oppression  education that is unlawful in America. The Compromise Critter works hard as a change agent through the Marxist tool Compromise. It works for change.

White Privilege education is evil, unlawful, and dangerous.

The curriculum categorizes people into 2 groups. The oppressors are white, male, rich, able-bodied, heterosexual, and Christian. The oppressed are people of color, female, pour, weak, homosexual, and non-Christian. 

  You are branded. It's a lie.

It's unlawful.

Classification is victimization. Looking through oppression glasses is wrong. The oppressed must get rid of the oppressors for success. President Trump being one of them; no matter his good actions, he is a bad guy. All people lose.

White Privilege education was discrimination.

It's now persecution.

Georgiana Preskar wrote White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression: The Hoax of the Century. Schools, workforce, churches, government, and homes teach it as truth; all under the guise of love.

It's dishonest and dangerous.

Do what is right.


Join us for the WHITE PRIVILEGE and WHEEL of OPPRESSION HOAX future CONFERENCE. You can say "STOP" to this education. Join us in the new Eagle Eye Education Center located in Ione CA., 45 minutes from Sacramento; a country environment for common sense thinkers.

 Click on CONTACT above if you are interested.  Leave your email information and we will be in touch. Payment due before conference. Cost is $40.00 and includes lunch and materials (book included).

Sign up Today! If not you, who?

Georgiana Preskar-Director Eagle Ed USA

(Former Eagle Forum of Sacramento 15 years)



Our organization is dedicated to God's authority, natural law, and the Constitution. We work to educate all people so they are not victim to

propaganda of enforced diversity programs.

The SEED program, begun by Peggy McIntosh at Wellesley College more than 30 years ago, has incorporated Anti-American education into enforced diversity programs that teach White Privilege and Wheel of Oppression fiction, as fact. It is a Hoax and


Our goal is to expose this hoax and educate people to the facts of how Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) has infiltrated our nation with education that has now gone from discrimination to persecution.

White Privilege and the Wheel of Oppression is propaganda at its finest. Behind closed doors, people are swayed to compromise their ideas, values, morals, ethics and lifestyles in exchange for love and acceptance of the group.


         SEED is the philosophy behind  riots we see at marches,  women who kill their unborn, and verbal and physical abuse toward anyone who does not agree with "all things hold equal value". Entitlement thinking prevails, and no tolerance policies suppress our

First Amendment rights.

 Bullying and vulgarity toward President Trump and his family is now in vogue. The ruder the better; the press covers this kind of behavior.

  There are boycotts, accusations of hatred, and law suits against anyone or business that does  not fall in line with White Privilege theology.


There are new laws at every level suppressing the rights of all people and making victims of everyone.  Becoming offensive rather than defensive is the reason we teach easy ways to be effective on a daily basis with the STOP Movement.  Don't be a victim! 

 Stop the Compromise of Truth.


Attend workshops at Eagle Eye Education Center

(located on 60 acres in Ione CA-Ideal for organizations and you)


  1. White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression Hoax 2020 Conference
  2. Stop the Compromise in Ten Easy Steps: A Return to Authentic Rule of Law
  3. Seeking Educational Equity and Diverstiy-The principles for enforced diversity
  4. Diversity Addiction: The Cause and The Cure
  5. Support President Trump

*The SEED program plants seeds of deception. Eagle Ed USA continues to expose it.


Eagle Forum of Sacramento, since 2002, had worked to  deliver the truth of deceptive education programs that have taken over schools and institutions to transform America . Eagles Ed USA will continue this work.

Georgiana Preskar was right on when she wrote her book Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America's Children after the discovery of behind closed doors Anti-American education.  The follow up White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression: The Hoax of the Century  was necessary to expose even further the fictional white privilege discrimination.

The SEED  program is the mother of all enforced diversity programs shouting for Americans to believe in a hoax. It was brilliant; it's fooled many people. Unfortunately everyone becomes a victim of compromise.

White Privilege and Wheel of Oppression hoax is not only discrimination, but unlawful, and dangerous . The fictitious oppressors are white, male, rich, heterosexual, able-bodied, and Christian.  The oppressed are people of color, female, poor, homosexual, unhealthy, and non-Christian.

 This education is a lie and harmful to all people. What chance does any one have when educated to look through oppression glasses? Four books (Learn More above) are available to you that are easy to read and complete with information for the Stop Movement. Eagle Eye Education Center in Ione CA., offers fact oriented workshops on the White Privilege hoax and others that are listed above.


Our education is simple, easy, and works. Relax in the country. Take a walk after lunch. Our workshops are not politically correct nor intimidating. It is the perfect time in our nation to stand up for common sense.  It's easy.  Take back information to all you know and to our representatives so that they know we are going to STOP the Compromise of truth.

We have worked both infront of and behind the political scenes to bring the truth to you. We will continue to do so. Phyllis Schlafly in her wisdom endorsed Donald Trump for the Presidency. She trusted in Georgiana Preskar's expertise to lead the Sacramento chapter for 15 years. Now let's share her vision with others and support this administration. Be joyful again and do not compromise sanity for insanity. Get the facts with us.

The principles upon which this nation was founded have stood the test of time now lets get back to them and stand for what is right; make America first, and great again.

Become a part of the STOP MOVEMENT. Choose wisely and smile again!

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