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The below information is the truth of how Eagle Forum of Sacramento was hijacked from the original Director and members of Eagle Forum of Sacramento.

Georgiana Preskar is the Director of EAGLE ED USA (former Eagle Forum of Sacramento)



In the last 6 months of Phyllis Schlafly’s life, there was a supposed coup that took over the national Eagle Forum. Lots of articles were written about the fact or fiction of this coup.

The facts are that her last months of life were stressful , the organization is split, and her chosen predecessor was ousted. Eagle Forum of Sacramento stood behind Phyllis when some did not.

Phyllis Schlafly stood behind Georgiana's leadership when the president of California Eagle Forum (Orlean Koehle), the state board, and the Sacramento chapter parted ways due  to philosophical differences in 2011.

Phyllis was clear to Georgiana and Orlean that Georgiana Preskar could run Eagle Forum as she saw right for it, and apart from the state chapter. It worked for six years.

After Phyllis’s death, Orlean requested a new director for the Eagle Forum of Sacramento. She got it. Georgiana was not notified, but found the information  while   surfing the web.

 She wrote the national organization about Phyllis’s decision. The simple reply was a thank you for your work, we hope you will support the Sacramento chapter, and come to the national conference. Sorry for not notifying you.


They did it to Phyllis; now to Georgiana. To prevent any further conflict with the new national Eagle Forum, California Eagle Forum President and Board members, Georgiana Preskar is leaving her position of 16 years as Director of the new Eagle Forum of Sacramento.   


Georgiana will never resign her position from the old Eagle Forum under Phyllis Schlafly, but will continue the work under the new organization, EAGLE ED USA.   We will continue to work for God, Family, and Country. 


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